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VLL Františkovy Lázně
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Františkovy Lázně is situated in a lovely flat and wooded countryside at a height of 440 m above sea level, near the historic town of Cheb. Thanks to the climate and wealth of local natural healing resources – mineral water, gas geyser and local peat, the town of Františkovy Lázně had become world-famous spa. The diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heart disease, vascular circulation and female diseases are treated here.

Spa House KIJEV is located in the center of the spa town, near to the colonnade. Its uniqueness, in addition to location, architectural design and quality accommodation, consists of a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which allows to provide a special and comprehensive treatment.


By its technical facilities, advanced technologies, equipment of the rooms and the hotel restaurant, professional approach of physicians, medical personnel and other employees, the Spa House KIJEV is ideal place to spend not only long-time spa treatment stays, but also shorter stays of WELLNESS type. The operation is year round, except for short operational breaks.

The breakfasts are served buffet style. Lunches and dinners are served from the 5 or 6 meal menu. There is possibility of reduction diet after consultation with nutritional therapist. Three dining rooms have the total capacity of 150 seats, so the guests eat on shifts.

The car entry to the hotel site is possible through the back tract. Parking is available for a fee, with limited number of parking spaces.

Continuous service at the reception, with possibility to purchase beverages and small goods, nurse on call 24 hours, and hotel own emergency, is available to the guests. Internet access available. Pets are not allowed for health reasons.

Check-in time is 11 a.m. on the day of arrival, check-out time is 9 am on the day of departure.

Total capacity of the Spa House KIJEV is 121 beds inside of 83 rooms:

  • 45 single rooms
  • 35 double rooms
  • 3 suites

All the rooms have own bathroom with shower, TV set with satellite reception, telephone set and refrigerator. There is possibility of adding an extra bed.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the building. There is special smoking area available.



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