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Vedoucí: Michal Erben
tel.: 973 259 025

VZ Bedřichov 62
Špindlerův Mlýn
543 51




Visit the re-opened Wellness Centre of the VZ Bedřichov Hotel, providing services to general public, too. Our Wellness Centre includes Water Paradise. The name Water Paradise was chosen because it is not just a swimming pool for keep-fit swimming, but there are many additional components here for your perfect relaxation and for your children enjoyment – water slide, wild river, water screen, water mushroom, children water slide, children‘s paddling pool, water spouts, whirlpool.

The Wellness Centre also includes a wellness zone where you can, within one entrance, try the steam sauna or the salt steam sauna and then chill yourself in crushed ice. The wellness zone includes also Kneipp path and two whirlpools – and, naturally, a relaxation area. If you buy entrance to the wellness zone, you can use the offer of our Water Paradise, at the same time. Our wellness services include two dry saunas and two sunbeds (separate entrance).

For everyone who needs to rest and relax we offer beauty programmes for the regeneration of the whole body. You can choose from our offer of body peelings or body packs that use natural substances – green tea, cranberries, grapes, or the Dead Sea mud. For more discerning customers we have wellness procedures consisting of body peeling, followed by body pack with twenty minutes of relaxation, and, in the end, after body milk application, the customer can enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Again, the customers can choose from several kinds of natural substances – green tea, cranberries or grapes.

For your perfect relaxation and regeneration, we offer various types of massage. From classical manual massage, through aromatherapy massage, reflexology massage to lava stone massage, cupping, or instrumental lymph drainage.

If you prefer spending leisure time actively, you can use our indoor sports facilities like tennis court, gym, squash court and fitness.

The Wellness Centre also includes a wellness bar where you can buy light refreshments, sweets, cakes, coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks.

datum: 22. 10. 2018
teplota vzduchu: 29 °C
teplota vody:    28 °C

Opening hours

13:00 - 21:00

Tuesday - Sunday
9:00 - 21:00


Hotel VZ Bedřichov - Wellness centrum | tel.: 973 259 025 | mail.: wellness@be.vlrz.cz | Bedřichov 62 Špindlerův Mlýn